Welcome to Grade 9 Instrumental Music!

October 29th

Here is a copy of the assignment I gave everyone last week. Remember that we are doing presentations last half of class tomorrow and after your circle of fifths quiz on Friday.

Here is my Edmodo link. Please use the group code I gave you in class.

Tuesday October 15

Here is a copy of the worksheet handed out in MSIP.

Wed Oct 9

Your group recordings are due

Thursday Oct 10
Here is your list of terms for beginners

You have a quiz on musical terms and concepts covered in the past two weeks including

Time Signatures
Accidentals - Sharp, Flat and Natural
Whole Steps
Half Steps
Note Values

And need to know all of your musical terms up to page 10.

Hello everyone.

Here is your Unit 3 Culminating Activity.

Here are some worksheets on note name practice.

Note Names Practice

To practice your note names, go to the link below.


Here is your Unit 2 Culminating Activity Due Friday September 28, 13

Unit 1 Culminating Activity

Unit 2 Culminating Activity