Here is a cool link that I found on Jackie's wiki. Check it out. Some of you may want to use this to write political cartoons.

We will be focusing on reading rhythms in all of my music classes. I found an excellent site from St. Marys school in Illinois. Mr Gills has an excellent web site and I strongly encourage you to refer to his examples for more clarity. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

St. Marys School Band Site

Read Write Think Comic Creator

For those of you who like podcasts, here is a link to the tool we like to use for our podcasts.

MrsYMusic Podcasts

Here is a site to help you out with some Goal setting

Goal Setting

We use this all the time here is a quick link for

How to join and edit your wiki

Here is the same video again, but embedded into the page if that works better for you!

Virtual Piano Link

Edublogs - Mrs Y's Blog page

Mrs Y's Edublog

Google Docs

Google Docs Login

Career Cruising - username is rideau, password careers


Here is a chord finder for figuring out your chords on the piano.

Piano Chord Finder on

Here is a link for some useful music that is free!

When Summer Takes Flight Recording

Belwin Music Site