Welcome to Mrs Y's Civics Class!

Refer to this page often for updates on upcoming quizzes, copies of assignments and important notices.

Please note the due dates on your Final Culminating Activity Assignments. If you wish, you may post your assignments to the link below. You must be a member of wikispaces to load your assignments on my web page. To join is easy and free. Just follow the instructions and request to join the wiki MrsYMusic

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Please post your work for your final culminating assignments here.

Civics Final Culminating Activities and Posters

Here is a copy of your Mercer Rant assignment. We extended the due date due to the power failure on Friday. Your new due date for presentations is on Wednesday during class.

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Here are some notes on the Governor General

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Greatest Canadian worksheet

Please use the link below to post your word webs and presentations for your Greatest Canadian Assignment


Greatest Canadian Word Webs and Presentations

Here is a copy of your Chapter 1 Review Guide for your quiz Friday April 23

Quiz review answers

MSIP Homework - review for your Quiz Friday Feb 12