I have moved everyones pages to link from this one. It will be easier to find everything this way. To add your project to this page, click edit and add a hyperlink to with your new page name.

Once you are done your assignment, you need to look at some of your classmate's pages please post the following in the discussion area of their page.

1) Evaluate the overall look and presentation of their page - is it well laid out? Does it catch your attention? How effective is the page for informing the viewier?
2) discuss possible improvements - be constructive and positive.
3) Provide suggestions
4) Add some cool information, pictures or clips!

For your page you need to make the connection between your career choice and the skills you have developed to become a musician in this course and in your life. Add this information to you page.

If you want to see an example of how I responded to a web site - visit the Photographer page and click on the discussion tab.

Musical Physicist
Ben's acting
Computer Animator
Disc Jockey
Interior Designer
Tattoo Artist
Sound Technician
Ashleys Page
Instrument Repair and Manufacturing
Recording Technician
Early Childhood Educator
Sign Painter
Sign Maker
Ryans Page
Punk Musician
Kynan`s Project