Hello everyone.

November 1

Please summarize the current Bulletproof Musician Blog.In your summary, please comment on the following points:

  1. Provide in your response what "self-efficacy" means to you.
  2. In what areas of your life do you feel that you have confidence you will succeed and where do you not feel that same confidence? Why?
  3. Provide one example of a vicarious experience and how it changed your perceptions of what you thought you could do?
  4. How does listening to someone who performs better than you making mistakes help you become a better performer?
  5. How do experts suggest we prepare to become a peak performer?

Oct 15 - 30

We are working on creating your own "Axis of Awesome" with two to four songs. The presentations for these assignments will be Oct 30th and 31st. Please note, due dates have been extended to practice and work with your groups. All presentations are due Oct 31.

Oct 7 - 10

Summarize the current Bulletproof Musician Blog and provide your thoughts on how this article relates to your own practice at this time. Include what you have learned in these articles in your reflection to hand in Thursday Oct 10th.


Please double check to make sure you have handed in your reflection sheet, theory quiz and completed your playing quiz for Unit 2.

Please continue to work on Unit 3 this week.

Your recordings are due Wed Oct 9
Your theory quiz and reflections are due Thursday Oct 10.


Know your note values, rest values, flats, sharps, natural, whole steps, half steps and the musical terms outlined in class.

Intermediate will be quizzed on

Flats, sharps, naturals, whole steps, half steps, writing out a keys signature, and writing out scales with the correct time signature.


Continue to work on your individual theory concepts in class. Work on ear training at your level.

Oct 3rd

Please read the following article and provide a small summary to hand in on October 4th.


Below is your Unit 3 Culminating Assignment. Written work is due October 4th and the rest of your work is due October 10th.

In your MSIP Please work on this culminating activity and practice your interval ear training. Use Musictheory.net for the ear training practice.

Ear Training


P1, M3, P4, P5, M6, P8


P1, M2, M3, P4, P5, M6, M7, P8.

Theory (all lessons are located at www.musictheory.net)

Remedial (Test October 10th)

  1. note names bass clef and treble clef
  2. note values
  3. time signatures
  4. dotted notes

Beginner (Test October 10th)

Musical Terms
Time signatures - compound and simple

Intermediate (Test October 10th)

Scales ascending and descending
  • Major
  • Minor (natural)
  • Minor (harmonic)
  • Minor (melodic)

Advanced (Test October 10th)

  • Non harmonic tones
  • Cadences

Please use the website below to assist you with your music theory and ear training.


Here is your Unit 2 Culminating assignment Due Friday Sept 27, 13

This Unit was due Friday Sept 13, 13

Here are some worksheets on music transposition. Please take a look at both the transposition in octaves and by interval worksheets.

Music History worksheets were handed out today. April 29 was Classical Era Questions. Please see me if you are missing these worksheets.

Please practice your key signatures. We will be writing a brief quiz on writing key signatures and identifying Major, Minor, Perfect, Augmented and Diminished Intervals. Grade 10 students will only need to identify Major, Minor and Perfect intervals at this time.

The practice exercise is below.

Major, Minor and Perfect Interval Practice

Grade 11 and 12 Students

Interval Training including Augmented and Diminished with accidentals

The practice worksheet is below.


Here is a corrected copy of your Unit 1 Culminating activities and project. Please hand in this corrected copy with your assignment. You may also email me a copy of the assignment if you wish. Please have your playing test completed and your Unit 2 Culminating written work completed by Wednesday March 6th.

Please practice your A major scale (in concert pitch) you will be playing this scale for your first playing quiz on Wednesday Feb 20. Last week you were working on the A major scale and C minor. This week you will be working on Ab major and Cb minor.

Student Work AMU 234