Brianna's Cd cover for the final culminating..
note to mrs.y: Hi Mrs.Y I know its probably much too late but i did this on wed and my internet at home went out
and just got fixed today, butI figured since it is done I'd post it for you, Brianna.

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Welcome Guitarists

Refer to this page often to find cool sites, cool resources, and reminders and copies of current assignments.

Here is your final culminating activity (I have moved your quiz to Tuesday January 22 - if you miss this date, you need to come in during exams)

Here is a copy of the theory review answers for your quiz tomorrow.

MSIP Homework

November 16 - 21

Work on the History of Rock Assignment (Due Friday November 27, 09)

November 2 - 13

For Thursday and Friday in MSIP Please write a News report for literacy practice sheet due Monday November 9th

This week you have a quiz on Wednesday on your note names and your guitar fret board. Use the note trainer on to practice your note names and the worksheet handed out in class to figure out your fretboard. See the link below to make sure your fretboard diagram is correct.

This week, go onto the link below and practice your note names. When you have got them down perfectly, do 50 questions, right click on the page and print it off. Then put your name on it and hand it in to Mrs Y.

Ricci Adams Music Theory

Take a look and refer to this often.

Your assignment next week is to research a Famous Canadian Guitarist it is due October 2

Please post your assignments at the link below.

Famous Canadian Guitarist Assignments

Online Guitar Pitches

Wikispaces hates me. This is only place it wanted to let me upload my project.
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Love, Anna. :)

Anna's news article:
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